A lot of people now are ready to hit the beaches and other places for a vacation as summer is coming to their place. It is also a very good gift to give to kids who did a wonderful job throughout the whole semester. You can ask them whether they like to go abroad or just tour around the city or another city. If your plan is within the city, then you can check for the Executive cars Jacksonville websites about the tour details and of course some discounts that they can offer to you. But going for an out of the country travel would need a serious plan and even you can check for some tour companies that can offer to a specific tour to that certain country. Below are some useful reminders that you may check before booking with them.  


  • GETTING TO KNOW MORE OF THE SERVICE AGENT: You can make a research or even ask someone who already booked a tour package to them recently. You may ask them about the experiences that they have got from availing the service of that tour company. You don’t want to take a risk in the future so better to check them thoroughly.  
  • THE INCLUSIONS IN THE PACKAGE: check to them all the possible inclusions to the tour offer. This will enlighten you about the things that you need to prepare in the future. You may ask as well about the charges that there could be in the future.  
  • ASK ABOUT THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF PEOPLE: all tour packages have minimum and maximum people requirement. Some companies would allow to go on only if they are in a group of five and more. This will help them as well to lessen the possible expenses and all of the fees that they need to settle in creating the package.   
  • ASK THE RULES AND POLICIES: Everyone should be careful in reading the terms and condition that is include in the tour agreement. If you have questions about it, then you could send them a message or even talk to them personally about that matter.  
  • CHECK THE FLIGHT STATUS: This will include the number of times that you will be transferring buses or cars or even flights.  
  • QUERY ABOUT THE ROOM SIZE AND TYPE: If you are going in a big group, then asking them about the size of the room is important. One of you could inquire about the type of room as well, in this way you will be more confident about the safety of the place.  
  • ASK THEM ABOUT THE MEALS: Most of the tour’s packages would not include meals to their offer. You may ask them about the type of meal that they could offer to you.  
  • CHECK ABOUT THE POLICY FOR KIDS: This will tell if you need to pay for the kid who will be traveling with you or is there any discount for them. 
  • PAYMENT METHOD AND WAY: It is a good idea to know if they will be asking for a full payment or you can just have a deposit and have the full pay the day before the trip. 
  • TOUR INSURANCE: This is one of the most important parts that you need to know about them.  
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