Things You Should Know About Car Detailing Process

When you maintain a car there’s a whole lot of process and work to do. You need to regularly change the oil, spark plug replacement and break tests. You don’t have any time to think car detailing. You may think about the expenses. Some say that auto detailing is not worth it but there are also personal benefits as well.




 What Does Car Detailing Mean?  

Car detailing is cleaning the car thoroughly. It should be as clean as possible, both inside and out. It is the main purpose of car detailing.  

What is the Inclusion of Car Detailing?  

There are so many approaches in car detailing and it depends on the detailer who will work on it. Right now, you maybe wanted to know how it is done and what is the inclusion. It is very simple and you just need to clean every inch of the car. You need to clean every detail bot exterior and interior.  


When you look at a car you first appreciate it outside appearance. Most of the detailers dedicate their time to make the body as good as brand new.  

Maintaining its glossy appearance by a paint job can cover up all the faded surfaces and it makes like shinier and appealing again. The car detailer also works on the wheels, rims tires, and windows. They clean all the dirt, grease and blemishes.   

Common Exterior Process  

Wash and dry – they use a high-power wash at the beginning of exterior detailing followed by hand washing with mild soap. And then drying.  

Clay – the second step is the clay work, it is used to remove any traces like soap scum and watermarks.  

Polish – it is natural to lose it shine over time, so in order to restore it and back to its original paint coating, you need to polish the car smoothly.  

Seal – the last and final stage in the exterior process is the application of the sealant, to make the car glossier shine. Some detailers adding wax to the surface  


You need to thoroughly clean the interior because it gives comfort when you are riding your car. If it is messy, have dust and dirt inside it can be very disturbing. If you don’t have time and tools to clean the interior part of your car much better to hire a professional detailer to properly and deeply clean your car. They are well trained to thoroughly clean your car with the use of different vacuums, brushes and steam cleaners that you cannot do on your own.  

Interior Detailing Process  

Vacuuming – cleaning with the use of the vacuum is the start of detailing the interior part. All areas should be vacuum properly it includes the trunk and the glove compartment. However, brushing and scrubbing, this is where the most laborious part comes in. You need to scrub and brush the carpets upholstery and mats thoroughly.  You need to remove the blemishes and stains.  

 Wiping and re-vacuuming – the detailer will now focus on the particular surfaces like the windows door panels and dashboard. The detailed will use the cleaning agents to wipe the surfaces to make it shinier  

Deodorizing – the last part is to spray the scent of your choice. It’s finishing touch is to have a pleasing odor.  


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